fetal alcohol syndrome 

Even an Occasional Drink Early in Pregnancy Can Cause Premature Birth, Study Shows

A new study may cause you to rethink drinking while you're pregnant. Credit: Getty Images Step away from the chardonnay. The debate over how much alcohol -- if any -- is safe to drink during pregnancy has been raging for decades, ...Step away from the chardonnay.

Hey, Baby, Want a Little Booze With That Amniotic Fluid?

Drinking while pregnant: How bad is it really? Credit: Getty Images
You're a fetus living in a one-womb apartment in London. Every day, it's the same old grind. You give your mum a few swift kicks, develop some new brain cells, knock back some...
Belly up to the, uh, belly. British researchers say it's OK for pregnant women to have a polite snort (now and then).

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

If a pregnant woman drinks during her pregnancy, she runs the risk of giving her unborn child fetal alcohol syndrome (FAS). Consumption of alcohol during pregnancy does not always lead to FAS. Doctors are unsure exactly how much alcohol can cause pro...

Blinking sign of fetal alcohol syndrome?

Not all babies exposed to alcohol in the womb are born with the abnormal facial features typically found in children with fetal alcohol syndrome. However, researchers believe they may have found a way to diagnosis the syndrome in infants as young as ...

Stressed out pregnant moms drinking and smoking

I know lots of women who drink alcohol and some who smoke cigarettes. I don't know a single one who did either while pregnant. Well, for all I know these women were hiding in their garages each night secretly chugging wine and puffing on cigarettes, ...

Pregnant women keep on drinking and smoking

A new study out of Australia indicates that nearly half of all pregnant women kept on drinking during their pregnancy. One in five continued smoking while pregnant. A smaller but still significant five percent and two percent still smoked marijuana a...


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