French Toast Fingers Recipe: A Healthy Breakfast Kids Love

French toast is always a big breakfast hit. Slice it into fingers and you have a handy finger food that is sure to grab kids' attention. Here is a traditional french toast recipe with a kick - a calcium filled centre of fruity goodness. The best...

Lentil Vegetable Soup Recipe

Try this tasty, protein-rich dish. It's perfect for anyone - even if you're not vegetarian. Lentils are an amazing source of fibre, and add great taste and texture to many soups. Supermarket and restaurant soups can be loaded with enough salt to...

Why Your Family Should Eat More Oats

When you think about oats, does the phrase "better health" spring to mind? Probably not -- but it should! Oats are incredibly versatile and an excellent source of fibre, which is a critical component of our daily diet. Out of habit, we tend to add...

How Much Fibre Does My Child Need?

Dear Karla, I read your post about ways to prevent type-2 diabetes and noticed that one commenter suggested fibre. There does not seem to be a clearly stated amount for how much fibre our kids need, and I would like to know just how much I should be...


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