financial crisis 

Coming Soon: The Ad-Sponsored Public School

A Coca-Cola logo adorns the Spaulding High School football scoreboard.Credit: EJ Hersom, Foster's Daily Democrat
Cash-starved school districts are turning to the corporate world to generate enough funds to stay afloat. Schools in North Ca...

Married to Your Economic Opposite?

Early in our marriage my husband and I realized we were economic opposites. I was reared in an upper-middle class world where in the summers all parents enrolled their four-year-olds in private swimming lessons, children got braces when their adult t...

The return of the layaway purchase

Back in the day, before we all went crazy with our credit cards, there was another popular way of buying something you couldn't afford. It was called a layaway and it was a very good thing. For those of you unfamiliar with the layaway process, let m...

Economic crisis means more babies

It is hard to find anything good to say about the economic crisis that has gripped not just the United States, but much of the world. People are losing their retirement savings, their jobs, their homes, their sense of security. Many of us have altere...

What are you telling your kids about the economy?

My husband and I have a new routine these days: every evening, when he comes home from work, he sits at the kitchen table while I finish dinner and we talk about the economy -- about the stock market and our own investments and our longer-term plans....


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