Will a Daytime Curfew Keep Kids in School?

In case you were feeling like a good parent this week, the city of Dallas wants to remind you that you're not. In order to combat juvenile crime, city officials are proposing a daytime curfew, with fines of up to $500 for kids who are out and about d...

Jaywalking is a naughty thing

When I was a kid, nobody ever thought twice about jaywalking. You checked for cars, made sure they couldn't get you, and crossed. In the middle of the block, against the light, whatever. Then I got "pulled over," if you will, over in a smaller town i...

Teens face off against librarian in Dance Dance Revolution to beat library fines

A teen librarian in an undisclosed location is forgoing library fines if offenders can beat her in a game of Dance Dance Revolution. I'm totally serious. This hipster bookworm keeps the game set up all the time, just in case she needs to have a dance...


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