first day 

The first day of kindergarten

Yesterday was Jared's first day of kindergarten. It was a new school, a new teacher, new kids... Just before bed Sunday night, as we were getting ready for bedtime stories, he confided to me that he thought he would miss home when he went to school. ...

Starting kindergarten -- the anticipation

"I'm gonna go to kindergarten tomorrow." Tomorrow, Jared starts kindergarten at his new school. It's a big deal, although he seems pretty laid back about it all. In reality, it's his mom that is the most nervous, anxious, and concerned. And a bit sad...

Blogging Baby Sleepover for Sunday, September 3

Rather than take out the trash, I get to take a spin around the world of online journals! Woohoo! Here's a few interesting posts I've come across. Jenny, over at Three Kid Circus -- "Helping Other Parents Feel Superior, One Blog Entry At A Time" -- h...

Starting Kindergarten -- A Teacher's View

One of our readers, Stacy, wrote to us and asked us to share about our experiences (if we'd had them) with our children starting kindergarten. Yesterday, Jen Creer shared her experiences with her kids; today is my turn. Okay, so I cheated. My wife ha...


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