first haircut 

Baby's First Haircut: What You Need to Know

Is it time for your kid to get a trim? Credit: Getty Images
That first haircut is a major milestone in a child's life. Just like first steps and first words, it's a moment a parent never forgets.
However, unlike walking and talking,...
Help your little one get through his first haircut with a smile.

Cutting the mullet

The man was one of the oldest occupants I'd seen in my parents apartment building to date, and that's saying a lot. I would maybe peg him at 85, but 90 wouldn't be pushing it too much. He was stooped over almost in half, knarled veins as big as tree-...

Motherhood Milestones: The first professional haircut

Oooh, supersoft baby hair. How hard could it be to cut? With a baby born with a full head of dark hair, I had to learn this lesson pretty quickly. HIs first home haircut was at a year old. It was just a trim of his bangs, which were starting to fall ...


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