The Hatch-Palucks, That's All Folks! It's Not Goodbye, It's So Long

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Can I admit that I'm a little verklempt?
It's the last time I'll be writing here about our Healthy Families Challenge. Yes, that's right -- it's been eight months of food, exercise and attitude rehab...
We've taken a new tact, and we talk about foods and exercise only positively.

Michelle Obama Kicks it Old School at Let's Move Flash Mob

You may never have thought you'd catch the first lady doing the Running Man, but Michelle Obama kicked it old school May 3, in a fitness flash mob as part of her Let's Move campaign. Dancing to Beyoncé's "Move Your Body" with the kids f...The first lady did the Running Man to Beyonce's "Move Your Body."

New Parents Eat More, Exercise Less Than Their Childless Peers

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Diet habits are worse among new parents. Credit: Getty Images Babies add so much to their parents' lives -- love, compassion and, oh, yeah, extra pounds. A new study out of the University of...
Study shows young, new parents take in more calories than their peers who don't have kids.

Weightlifting for Kids? New Research Says Pump It Up

Kids should exercise to strengthen their muscles and bones three times a week. Credit: Getty If your kid has been asking to lift weights but you've been afraid to let him because of safety concerns, you may want to ease up on your anxi...New research says lifting weights won't stunt a kid's growth.

When Parents Work Out, Kids Stay Slim, Study Says

Set a healthy example for your kids. Credit: Getty Images
No mom wants to see her kid's bare-bellied flab making its TV debut on "The Biggest Loser." But before you head to the gym for Mommy/Baby Zumba, consider a new study that finds it's only t...
Moms can skip the Mommy & Me yoga and just take an adults-only class to keep their kids svelte, study shows.

Punch, Throw, Swing: Experts Touting Exercise Video Games

Kids are getting fit with the Wii and other video games. Credit: Alex Grimm, Getty Images
"Honey, I handed the kids the remote," is the new mantra of health-savvy moms and dads who are boasting "I told you so," to naysayers who once pooh-pooh...
Experts say the virtual reality of many games actually requires kids to work up a sweat and helps keep video game players in physical shape. They're regaling the benefits of Nintendo's "Wii Sports," Konami's "Dance Dance Revolution" and other video games that require players to go through motions to make their virtual counterparts perform.

'Money Hungry' Host Dan Cortese on Keeping His Family Fit

Dan Cortese, with his wife, Dee Dee Hemby, daughter, India, and son, Roman, is a fit father. Photo courtesy Dan Cortese
Whether TV actor Dan Cortese was hosting "MTV Sports" or playing an evil brother on "Melrose Place," a "himbo" on "Seinfeld"...
Whether TV actor Dan Cortese was hosting "MTV Sports" or playing an evil brother on "Melrose Place," a "himbo" on "Seinfeld" or a flaky employee on "Veronica's Closet," one character trait remained constant: His fit physique.

Jillian Michaels Says She Can't Handle a Baby Body

Jillian Michaels, right, hangs out with kids but doesn't want to give birth to any herself. David Goldman, Cartoon Network / AP
Fitness guru and hard-body Jillian Michaels is making a stir in the blogosphere this week after she said she'd rathe...

Exercise During Pregnancy May Prevent Obesity in Baby

It can be tempting to turn couch-potato once your belly starts expanding. But there's a new reason to exercise during pregnancy, and it could have far-reaching benefits for your unborn child. A new study, out of the University of Auckland in New Ze...

Seven Tips To Help New Moms Get Fit

Since giving birth two-and-a-half years ago, a few things about my personal appearance have gone by the wayside: My makeup regime (down to a slick of lip balm), my high-maintenance hair (how I miss you, cherry red!) and most significantly, my belly. ...

Bad Phys. Ed. Teachers Can Turn Kids Off Fitness For Life

The gym teacher has always gotten a bad rap in pop culture. From Billy Bob Thornton's sadistic Mr. Woodcock to Glee's cold-hearted cheerleading coach Sue Sylvester, phys. ed. instructors are often depicted as mean and monstrous figures who scream ins...

Pole Dancing Classes for High Schoolers?

Maybe it's just me, but when I think of pole dancing, I think of strippers. But when administrators at South Devon College in the UK think of pole dancing, they think of fitness. Well, at least they did until the student body got all excited after wi...

Sagging? Don't blame breastfeeding

(Click the photo to find out which celebs breastfed their babies) When making the decision whether to breastfeed or not, there are plenty of factors to take into consideration. But there's one concern women can cross of their list -- sagging breast...

Jennifer Lopez finishes a triathlon!

In my third trimester, I wasn't inspired to do much more than run to the corner for a pint of Ben & Jerry's. (That is, when I couldn't get my husband to do it for me.) But during those waning days of Jennifer Lopez's pregnancy, something clicked....

New York schools will monitor students' weight

(Click the photo for 5 Must-Know Kids Health Facts) New York Schools will soon be tracking more than reading, writing, and arithmetic, they'll also be watching students' waistlines. Starting this fall, New York Schools (excluding New York City) w...


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