flashlight tag 

How to Play: Flashlight Tag

Lighten up with a game of Flashlight Tag. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Of course, you will need a flashlight. This game is best played at night, either indoors or outdoors.
How to play: In this variation of Tag, the person de...
When light isn't a good thing!

How to Play: Tag

Don't get tagged! Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A group of children and a large, open space.
How to play: One person is designated as "it" and counts to a predetermined number while everyone else gets a running head start. After countin...

How to Play: Statues

Laugh, move or speak and you're out! Credit: Ann Tatko-Peterson, Contra Costa Times / MCT
What you need: A group of at least five children, a space for the "museum," and a flashlight, if you want to play that variation. How to play: One pe...


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