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Image of the Day: Make some music, baby!

It's never too early to share the gift of music with a child. This pair looks so cozy and enthralled in their efforts to make beautiful music together. I love the way the father's hands overlap the child's hands on the strings, so much so that I wou...

Image of the Day: Beware Dorothy!

I love this picture! It reminds me of the wicked witch's feet sticking out from underneath Dorothy's windblown house in The Wizard of Oz. If I still had a child small enough I would run out to Baby Gap and pick up a pair of leggings just like this. ...

Image of the Day: It all begins here

Gazing your baby's ultrasound picture is a magical experience. It doesn't matter whether it is your very first child or your fifth, just being able to view the physical presence of the small life growing within a womb is absolutely amazing! A big th...

Image of the Day: The first look

There is something so absolutely magical about the first days after baby comes into your life. So small, so innocent, so perfect. To have the honor of gazing at those small features and to hold the soft warmth of new life in your hands is a gift bey...

Image of the Day: Kiss me, baby!

For most anything that ails you, a soft baby kiss is a healing balm. This mom and baby certainly look as though they are happy as can be with a quick kiss. I love the soft black and white tones, the softness of the baby's cheek and the freckles on m...

Image of the Day: Rainbows are everywhere

The wonder and beauty about being a child is that there is magic just about everywhere. Fun can be had in a mud puddle as easily as in a water fountain. Wee Eden,who belongs to our own Jonathon Morgan, is taking full advantage of this water feature. ...

Image of the Day: Two are so much better than one!

There is something so dear about these two adorable little girls. The picture has a sepia tone to it, but the variety of patterns lets the viewer know there are so many colors to be had in this image. I love the way the one little girl has her tongu...


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