flu season 

Bare Handshake a No-No Now in Youth Hockey

Kids are now discouraged from hand-to-hand contact. Credit: Corbis
The latest casualty of the swine flu outbreak: Handshakes after youth hockey games. With the flu spreading, USA Hockey, the national governing body for the sport, now re...

Flu shots - required or optional?

Influenza vaccine is designed to fight the three main strains of disease that researchers believe will circulate in any given flu season, but that doesn't mean you are guaranteed to evade the illness if you get a flu shot. It's the time of year wh...

Flu shots, pregnancy and the unborn child

Hard to believe but it's already flu season again. Or, to be more accurate, it's really (hopefully) flu PREVENTION season. This week the Center for Disease Control whipped out a new, stronger than ever campaign to get pregnant women and young childr...

Flu vaccine urged for infants

This year, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control is recommending that kids as young as six months receive the influenza vaccine. There are plenty of doses of the vaccine available -- 143 million -- so the additional kids do not represent a problem. Dr...

Flu season worst in four years

Yesterday, after three whole days of sunny weather here, the mood at preschool pickup was amazing. If you live in the north, you know what a few days of spring weather can do for the soul. Last week, we were all pale, shivering, and huddled still in ...

FLU: The sequel

I've been (noticeably?) absent on ParentDish for the past couple of weeks, thanks to a particularly nasty bug that cycled through everyone in this household. But wait! It didn't stop there, NO! It took out my parents, my sister and anyone else I regu...

Fighting a cold, and winning

I think tis the season for running noses and raspy coughs and violent overnight stomach bugs. After my last round with the bathroom bucket, I felt the trickle of a flu bug creeping up on me. Sore throat. Achy legs. Tell-tale thud thud on the side of ...

Make-your-own oral rehydration solution! (i.e. pedia-lyte)

If the families of our bloggers are any indication, it's flu season! As part of the festivities, our babies are drinking lots of oral rehydration solution, sometimes known as Pedialyte or one of its various generic names. When Charlie was diagnosed w...


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