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Al Franken Rebukes Conservative Group for Definition of 'Nuclear Family'

Sen. Al Franken. Credit: AP
Children are better off and generally healthier when raised in nuclear families, according to a study published by the U.S. Health and Human Services Department last year.
So there you have it. The federa...
Focus on Family entitled to its own opinions, says senator, but not its own facts.

Tim Tebow Super Bowl Ad Kicking Up Controversy

Florida quarterback Tim Tebow embraces his mother, Pam, during a pre-game ceremony for graduating seniors last year. Credit: Phil Sandlin, Pool / AP
Super Bowl XLIV doesn't kick off until Feb. 7, but an ad featuring college quarterback Tim Tebow ...

Focus on the Family Focusing on Holiday Wording

Do you buy your kids Christmas presents or are they, as they are in our home, simply "holiday gifts" (or perhaps even "solstice gifts", if I'm feeling particularly ornery.) If you're more into the former than the latter, then James Dobson and his gro...

Pro-lifers put their homes where their mouth is

It's a common criticism of the pro-life movement -- they're all about saving the unborn children, but once they pop out, it seems like they don't care anymore. Well, that's not so much the case anymore. The socially conservative, Christian organizati...

Writer says gay adoption does not support children's development

This is another one of those editorials written by a vice president from the Focus on the Family organization that pretty much lays to waste the idea of gay adoptive parents being good role models for their children. Bill Maier cites research that co...


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