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Swedish Researchers Tie Folic Acid to Good Grades

Credit: Getty Images
Hey, kids, want to grow up to be super smart like some sort of Swedish researcher?
Be sure to eat lots and lots of (eeewww!) okra. OK, maybe you can stick to Beef-a-Roni. The important thing is to get enough fol...
However, American nutritionists say U.S. kids get enough of the stuff.

Prenatal Vitamin Supplements Linked to Kids' Intelligence, Motor Skills

Can folic acid and iron supplements create a race of supermen? Well, they do help with intelligence and fine motor skills. Credit: Timothy A. Clary, AFP/Getty Images
It all started when Dr. Doom was still in the womb.
His mother t...
Folic acid and iron supplements capable of creating geniuses who can play sports?

Nutritional Parsley: More Than Just a Garnish

Stop throwing away the garnish! You know, the pretty sprig of parsley you put on your dinner guests' plates to make them look refined. Well, those green leaves have amazing nutritional properties that rival the rest of your meal. Parsley co...

Spinach: Popeye's Magical Food

Spinach definitely worked for Popeye, its most famous advocate. While the rest of us aren't looking for bulging arms to chase down criminals, we can reap the rewards of this iron rich vegetable. Spinach won't directly make you stronger, but the ...

Linea negra

Pop Sugar recently polled readers about getting linea negra, the condition many pregnant women get wherein a dark , vertical line appears on their swollen baby bellies from their pubic area up to their belly buttons (and sometimes beyond). I woul...

Eat your leafy greens, get better sperm

For years, women who are trying to conceive have been advised to take folic acid supplements. Making sure to get enough of the B vitamin reduces the risk for birth defects -- specifically, spina bifida -- in a developing baby. New research shows that...

Too much folic acid?

I'm sure I could research this 'til the cows come home, but I have a question for the sages of the Internet. I know a gal is supposed to take folic acid every day when (and before) they're pregnant, but is it possible to take too much? Folic acid ...

Fortified coffee to boost kids' nutrition?

American children are not the only lacking proper nutrition in their diets. Children in Mexico need a little help in that department as well and a Houston company has come up with a solution. Voyava Republic has joined forces with the Mexican coffee ...

Did you take your prenatal vitamins--EVERY day???

Come on now, be honest. I really want to know. Doctors and OBGYNs and even ads in the subways are always strongly urging women to take prenatal vitamins EVERY day, before they get pregnant, while pregnant and afterwards if they're breastfeeding. For...

Diet and pregnancy: Good food guide

Heather Welford, writing on the BBC web site, noted that there are lots of half-truths about what you can and can't eat during pregnancy. She suggested that whether you fancy eating coal or choc-ice and chips, try not to let worries about eating safe...

CDC recommends greater pre-conception care

Did you hear about this? Because if you didn't, I suppose we'll have to tell you about it. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) has issued a recommendation that all women behave as though they are pregnant, all the time. Women, we, I should say, fro...


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