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Skyrocketing Food Prices Leave Poor Moms Hungry

Vo Thi Quan, 44, cooks for her family dinner with vegetables in her house in Thuan Thanh, Long An province, Vietnam. Credit: AP THUAN THANH, Vietnam (AP) - Vo Thi Quan's chopsticks needle deftly between two simple Vietnamese dishes siz...As world food prices surge to the highest levels ever recorded due to a combination of production constraints and rising demand from expanding middle classes, many poor families teeter on the edge, and it is the mothers who often quietly bear the brunt.

Mom writes about taking her kids to a soup kitchen

Parents every where are finding themselves saying "no" more often this summer. This tough economy, coupled with painful gas prices and the rising costs of feeding a family mean that there's less money leftover for luxury items. I was relieved when my...

Libraries doing well in poor economy

Have you hugged your librarian today? Now is a better time than ever to at least go in and say hi (you might want to save the hug for another time). Ohio librarians are reporting that libraries are more popular than ever, due in part to a struggling ...

Parents pinch pennies for back-to-school shopping

Gas prices, food prices, a lazy stock market, heck, even my dog's food increased in price significantly last month. There's no denying it, the cost of every day living is on the rise, and families are feeling it in their pocketbooks. That might not b...

High food prices lead to growth in backyard gardens

Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Vegetable Miracle inspired me this spring to add on to my small garden patch and put in a full-fledged and fairly large vegetable garden. I spent last weekend planting tiny little carrots, caging tomatoes, and training swe...

Saving money: outdated and damaged food?

How much money do you spend each week on groceries? Does it seem like you are spending more and getting less these days? It sure does for me and as a result, I've really started paying closer attention to which store has lower prices. It used to be t...


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