Kurt Warner on His Super Bowl Pick, Raising 7 Kids and Creating a Football App for Families

Kurt Warner attends Duracell's Power Those Who Protect Us campaign launch at the FDNY Fire Zone on Jan. 31 in New York. Credit: D Dipasupil, FilmMagic Just because he retired from the NFL a year ago, doesn't mean Kurt Warner has stoppe...Kurt Warner wants the Packers to win, but says the Steelers will take home the Super Bowl trophy.

NFL's Antonio Cromartie Has 9 Kids With 8 Women

Antonio Cromartie and wife Terricka Cromartie, with whom he has a daughter. Credit: Michael Loccisano, Getty Images New York Jets' cornerback Antonio Cromartie appeared on TV this summer in "Hard Knocks," the HBO series following the e...Antonio Cromartie is a player both on and off the field.

NFL Star David Garrard on Battling Crohn's Disease and How He's Helping Kids With the Illness

David Garrard visits with Dalton Spinks, 12, at Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville, Fla. Courtsey of the David Garrad Foundation
NFL star David Garrard landed his dream job when he was drafted by the Jacksonville Jaguars ...
Jacksonville Jaguars quarterback David Garrard is helping kids with Crohn's disease.

Should College Athletes Spend More Time in Class?

Student athletes might not be hitting the books as hard as they're hitting the field. Credit: Beau Lark, Corbis The BCS National Championship Game is tonight -- Auburn vs. Oregon. That's college football, in case you didn't know. (Or ca...We often wonder how college athletes could possibly be getting a good education if they are on a high-profile team.

Jets Wide Receiver Santonio Holmes Talks Helping Kids Be Their Best

New York Jet Santonio Holmes brings holiday fun to young fans at an event in Times Square. Credit: James Devaney,WireImage Santonio Holmes may have made his mark on the football field, but his path to stardom has included trouble wit...The New York Jets wide receiver wants to help kids find success.

Brain Docs Raise Concussion Alarm for Kids' Sports

Concussions are a growing concern in sports. Credit: Dave Martin, AP
NEW YORK (AP) - The risk of concussions from football and some other sports is so serious that a qualified athletic trainer should always be on the field - at adult and children...
The risk of concussions from football and some other sports is so serious that a qualified athletic trainer should always be on the field, a major doctors group says.

Should Children Play Tackle Football?

When kids play tackle football, are they cruisin' for a head bruisin'? Credit: LM Otero, AP
This weekend the NFL sent a message to players that hits to the head would no longer be tolerated. This edict was handed down following a series of pl...

Elisabeth Hasselbeck Offers Strategies for Surviving Football Season

"The View" co-host Elisabeth Hasselbeck embraces football season. Credit: James Devaney, FilmMagic Every year, six simple words make hearts sink for many women: "Are you ready for some football?" True, there are plenty of female fans of the s...Tackle the football season head-on by taking some interest in your spouse's favorite team, "The View" co-host advises.

Father's Day Gift Idea: Fair Trade Soccer Balls

Kick it out of the stadium with this year's Father's Day gift. Credit: Fair Trade Sports
Goooaaalll! Is your dad wrapped up in World Cup fever? If he's like many of the dads we know, he's probably in a fútbol frenzy this week. Lucky f...

D.C. High School Hires Its First Female Head Football Coach

Natalie Randolph coaches players at H.D. Woodson, where she was an assistant coach before being named head coach at Coolidge High School. Credit: Preston Keres, TWP/Getty Images The new football coach at Coolidge High School in Was...

World's Tallest Teenager Lives Football Dreams

Tall teen just wants to play football. Photo credit:
Brendan Adams' mother didn't want him to play middle school football. She was afraid he might get hurt. Wait a minute. Brendan is almost 7-feet-5-inches tall -- the tallest teenager...

British Soccer Star Has Ultrasound Party

Coleen and Wayne Rooney shared their ultrasound with friends and family. Credit: X17online
For most, childbirth and everything leading up to it is a private affair. For others, it's a public display of affection. Wayne and Coleen Rooney, a f...

Game Day Dip

Welcome to Dishing it Out, ParentDish's weekly food column. Rob Barrett is a dad who knows his way around the kitchen; his web site, Cooking For Dads, provides simple video recipes for dads (and moms!). You can read all the Dishing it Out posts h...

Genetic Test Tells You What Sports Your Kid Should Play

It's basketball season at my house, which means lots of playing H-O-R-S-E in the driveway with my sons. I have one child who is a natural athlete, at least at the sports he has tried so far, and one who loves the social aspects of playing on a team b...

Football-stealing granny gets a pass

Judging by the comments on the story about 89-year-old Edna Jester being arrested for refusing to return her neighbor's football, I think you will all be pleased with the latest development in that story. The Blue Ash, Ohio prosecutor has decided to ...


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