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Bilingual Toddlers Reap Cognitive Benefits Over Kids Who Speak Just 1 Language

Teaching your child a second language, such as Spanish, at an early age can improve her cognitive abilities. Credit: Getty
Parlez-vous français? ¿Habla español? Sprechen sie Deutsch?
Speaking a second language g...
Speaking a second language gives toddlers some cognitive advantages.

Navajo textbook adopted in New Mexico

Around here, the popular language for high school kids to study -- at least back when I was in school -- was Spanish. With a large Hispanic community, it was far more useful than the available alternatives -- French and German. These days, however, l...

Helping children adapt to a foreign culture

One of my longtime blog reads recently moved with her husband, a Marine, to Japan. I have to admit that I'm totally excited to hear about all of the new adventures that she and her family will have. While Jen's children are all young, I could imagine...


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