four square 

How to Play: Four Square

Even big kids love a good game of four square. Credit: Corbis
What you need: Four players, a square court divided into four equal quadrants and an 8 1/2-inch playground ball or a basketball.
How to play: Each quadrant in the square...
Make sure you hit the ball into their square so that your opponant gets out.

How to Play: Jacks

Can you pick up the most jacks? Credit: Getty Images
What you need: Two players, a set of jacks (metal six-tipped objects) and a small rubber ball.
How to play: Jacks are scattered loosely around the play area, and players take turn...
Are you fast enough to pick up the jacks before the ball bounces?

How to Play: Hackball

Keep the hacky sack off the ground. Credit: Corbis
What you need: You need a hacky sack, a four square court, and four players. How to play: On the concrete, chalk or paint four squares on the ground. All squares touch each other, making on...

How to Play: Hopscotch

Hop to it. Credit: Cohen/OstrowSafe Neighborhood, Getty Images
What you need: A marker (such as a stone, beanbag or coin) and chalk to draw the board on concrete. This game can be played by one or more children. How to play: The first play...

Four square makes a comeback

I don't know if kids still play four square at recess. I know they did lo those many years ago when I was in elementary school. It seems, however, that it is making a comeback, not in the school yard but in corporate offices in Silicon Valley. Long k...


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