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Happy Meals Get a Little Less Happy With Half the Fries

Credit: AFP/Getty Images
Happy Meals may be a little more healthy but a little less happy now that McDonald's is cutting the number of fries kids get in half.
The New York Times reports restaurant officials announced July 26 the com...
McDonald's bows to concerns about nutrition by putting kids on tighter rations.

Lawmakers Defend French Fries as USDA Limits Spuds

Its a great vegetable. Credit: MTC WASHINGTON (AP) - Often maligned, the french fry is fighting back. The spud has had a tough time lately. In the last year, it has been marginalized by new school lunch rules, demonized by a popular ...Often maligned, the french fry is fighting back.

Students cited for hurling french fry 'missiles'

After hearing rumors of an impending food fight at Laramie Junior High School in Wyoming, the principal and a police officer attempted to head it off with a warning. At an assembly, the kids were told that if they threw food, they should expect to pa...

Imitation Fries hit the menu in Arizona schools

French fries are too greasy. Freedom fries have the same problem on top of being rather idiotic. Now there are fake fries. Arizona schools, faced with a strict law banning junk food and soda during the school day, have come up with a lower-calorie, b...

Kids feel sick after McDonalds? It might not be the fat

From Reuters:  McDonalds is apparently facing a few lawsuits because it allegedly misled the public.  It seems that the fast-food giant's famous french fries contain milk and gluten -- which previously, it claimed their french fries did not...


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