Rebecca Black's 'Friday' is Harmless Bubblegum Pop, So Why All the Haters?

Rebecca Black is famous for singing and starring in "Friday," known to a lot of people as the worst song and music video of all time. To date, the video has garnered more than 60 million YouTube hits, and Rebecca and her mom says she's the victim...Why all the vitriol over a silly teenage video fantasy?

Jolie to debut twins on Tuesday?

The French seem like they're right up their with Americans in the Angelina Jolie pregnancy fervor. And rightly so--this is the most publicity France has received in a long time! Plus it helps us forget about that whole 'Freedom Fries' thing. ...

Italian court changes baby's name

As far as unusual baby names go, "Friday" is not too bad. It is short, means something, and is easy to spell. All in all, I kind of like it. Unfortunately for this couple, the Italian courts do not and have ruled that they cannot name their son "Frid...

Friday's a drag

Normally, people like Fridays. For those with a Monday-to-Friday work week, it signals the end of the time period where we've sold our days to our employer, freeing us for more pleasurable pursuits. A full five days of work can take a lot out of you ...


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