Nine-Year-Old Carries Hurt Friend to Safety

When Eric Kelley, 10, was hit on his bike by an SUV that failed to stop at a stop sign, he was lucky help nearby. Unfortunately, that help did not come from the driver of the vehicle. Yes, the driver got out of the car, but it was only to pull Eric's...

Just a Lot of Folk, Sittin' 'Round the Fire Warming

I spent a fair bit of time parked on the freeway during rush hour over the last few days thinking about what I'm most thankful for. A lot of things came to mind -- music in its infinite variations and the emotions it expresses for and to me, digital ...

Moms: Do you have these five friends?

Today I read an article about the five friends every mom needs. It's sort of like the Chicken Soup for the Soul books with respect to friendship. I'd heard of the five friends for every woman and I think every teen but this was new to me. Of cour...


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