The New Home Economics - Moms Who Swap, Sell and Save Online

Our family vacation ended last Friday with a fabulous whitewater rafting trip on the Colorado River, and we didn't spend a dime. How? Our son John, founder of Sticker Universe, created signs and banners for Lakota Guides in exchange for rafting and...

Cutting back by cutting children's hair at home

My girls need a haircut, both of them. But we're cutting back, and paying $14 a piece for a trim just doesn't make much sense. And so tomorrow I'll pull out my scissors and try my hand at it. Keep in mind that the last time I did this, the hairstylis...

Cheap gifts for Father's day (the inexpensive kind, not the dinky kind)

Let's face it--the economy stinks. Or, maybe, we never had any money anyway. Still, we love dad and want to get him something special--or at least useful and not (too) gimmicky--for Father's Day. We don't have the money for the new watch he dese...

Living frugally -- cutting food costs

We definitely do not live frugally; we actually live rather extravagantly, eating out several times a week, buying the kids all new toys and clothes, and, admittedly, buying me more toys than I really, honestly, need. And yet, the reality of having c...


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