fruits and vegetables 

Tweens don't recognize common fruits and veggies

Kids aren't always known for their adventurous eating habits, but when 200 11-year-olds were quizzed on the knowledge of basic vegetables in the UK, they had trouble identifying them. In fact:
20% didn't know what a potato looked like
5.5% coul...

Self-efficacy regarding food intake among low-income mothers

The most important development in psychology in the past three decades has likely been the construct of self-efficacy. This determines how well you will perform in a given situation. If you believe you will perform fine, you have self-efficacy. If no...

Veggie drinks for kids: is it 'dewicious' or devious?

We got a tip this afternoon from Jamie, whose three-year-old daughter proclaimed the V8 V-Fusion fruit-and-veggie drinks "dewicious." Says Jamie, "I can't pay her to eat her peas, so this is another way I can bribe my way into improvin...

The strange eating habits of three-year-olds

What is with three-year-olds? They're the most precious, bizarre, maddeningly lovable creatures. My son Everett, he's on the picky end of the eating spectrum. He likes hot dogs, fried chicken, French fries and chips. I struggle to get him to eat what...


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