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Few Americans eat enough fruits or veggies

An article reviewed on HealthDay News today suggested that despite the known health benefits of fruits and vegetables, too few Americans are eating the recommended amounts of these foods, a new study finds. Teenage boys are the worst offenders, with ...

WIC to add fruits, veggies and whole grains to list

The WIC program (Women, Infants and Children) currently provides food aid to approximately one half of the babies in the U.S. The program was originally conceived and implemented in the 1970's and allows women to use vouchers to purchase dairy produc...

Veggie drinks for kids: is it 'dewicious' or devious?

We got a tip this afternoon from Jamie, whose three-year-old daughter proclaimed the V8 V-Fusion fruit-and-veggie drinks "dewicious." Says Jamie, "I can't pay her to eat her peas, so this is another way I can bribe my way into improvin...

The strange eating habits of three-year-olds

What is with three-year-olds? They're the most precious, bizarre, maddeningly lovable creatures. My son Everett, he's on the picky end of the eating spectrum. He likes hot dogs, fried chicken, French fries and chips. I struggle to get him to eat what...


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