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Disability Day Contest Angers Parents

Disability awareness effort falls flat. Photo:
When a school in South Australia decided to raise money for a Bangladeshi clinic that repairs cleft lips and palates in children, they knew they needed to first raise awareness among their stu...

Kid-Friendly Charities to Encourage Your Children to Give

When we started giving my 5-year-old daughter an allowance a few months back, we gave her three choices. She could take her five $1 bills and either put them into her piggy bank to save, a special jar to give away, or in her little princess purse to...

The nightmares of fund raising

Every year a handful of kids knock on our door asking if we will buy everything from wrapping paper to magazine subscriptions. I always cringe when I see them coming, but I always buy something because I figure going door to door must be pretty hard ...

Making amends for bad decisions

My son, Loren, and two of his friends were recently busted for throwing rocks at our church during a fund raising dinner. The boys had grown bored after their meal and had wandered outside. Being the 13 year-olds that they are, they became random and...


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