Boy's E-mail Helps Raise Thousands for Cancer Fundraiser

An e-mail from a 9-year-old boy helped raise thousands of dollars in a skate-a-thon fund-raiser for cancer. Dan4th, Flickr
What started as an e-mail plea from a hockey-loving 9-year-old from Rhode Island, grew to thousands of dollars in donations ...

Cancer-fighting lemonade

Lots of kids put up lemonade stands to bring in a few dollars for summer fun; it's almost an American tradition. Instead of a trip to an amusement park, a new bike, or even a college education, however, a thirteen-year-old girl in Wisconsin brought i...

Boy raises $10,000 in pennies for school

Some kids collect bottle caps, Andrew Niemi collected pennies. Lots of them. For over a year, the 10-year-old collected the copper coins and held fundraisers -- aptly named Andrew's Pennies -- at his school and church. On March 17th, the ambitious fo...

Students raise pigs to fund school trip

Sure, raffles, auctions and bake sales are great -- but 12 seniors at Eddyville Charter School, a farming community school in Oregon, thought it'd be more fun to raise pigs instead. According to student Ashley Connor, "It started off as a joke," and ...

Changing the fundraising system?

There's a lot of things that make me cringe in life, but when I see a kid pull out the dreaded "sign-up" paper for his school's newest fundraiser, well, I just want to run and hide. Before I say anything, let me tell you this: I do not like fundrais...

Adoption is love: raising money to help more kids find homes

Crystal Cave Designs has launched a fundraiser, featuring a new bracelet. The bracelet is called Adoption is Love, and made from colorful crystals representing beautiful families and their children. Forty percent of all revenues from the sales of the...


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