How to Play: Cakewalk

Cakewalks are popular at fundraisers. Credit: Getty Images
What you need: A path of up to 20 numbered squares, music to play during the game and prizes (typically a cake, but other treats or items can also serve as the prize).
How t...
This game of chance has a sweet prize!

Cast Your Vote for Kid-Designed T-Shirts

T-shirts from verymeri look good and do good. Credit: verymeri
The first verymeri T-shirts were produced after elementary school teacher Meri Zeiff held a classroom contest in 2006 at her Hollywood, Calif., school, encouraging her students to cre...
T-shirts from verymeri look good and do good.

Colleges See Prospective Donors Among New Students

University of Michigan senior D.J. Heebner, left, leads a prospective student tour on campus in Ann Arbor, Mich. Prospective Wolverines learn about the importance of private contributions while touring the campus. Credit: Paul Sancya, AP

Opinion: Young Girl's Death Not the Result of Too Many Bake Sales

A young girl died in a tragic accident because ... schools are too obsessed with fundraising? Huh? That's the conclusion New York Times writer Jim Dwyer reached July 16, after reading the results of an investigation into a school trip that we...

Help, Auntie Em! Cast Needs $6,000 to Fly to Oz in School Play

Would flightless flying monkeys be less terrifying? Credit: MGM Studios
Theater students at an Iowa school are clicking their heels together three times, hoping everyone with a heart and a brain will gather up a little courage and donate money to...

Inner-City Students Trying to Raise Money for Holocaust History Tour

Auschwitz is just one of the places a group of inner-city students hope to visit this spring for a trip focusing on World War II death camps. Credit: Adam Jones, Ph.D., Flickr
A trip of a lifetime has low-income students planning fund-raisers and...

Boy's E-mail Helps Raise Thousands for Cancer Fundraiser

An e-mail from a 9-year-old boy helped raise thousands of dollars in a skate-a-thon fund-raiser for cancer. Dan4th, Flickr
What started as an e-mail plea from a hockey-loving 9-year-old from Rhode Island, grew to thousands of dollars in donations ...

Disability Day Contest Angers Parents

Disability awareness effort falls flat. Photo:
When a school in South Australia decided to raise money for a Bangladeshi clinic that repairs cleft lips and palates in children, they knew they needed to first raise awareness among their stu...

Kid-Friendly Charities to Encourage Your Children to Give

When we started giving my 5-year-old daughter an allowance a few months back, we gave her three choices. She could take her five $1 bills and either put them into her piggy bank to save, a special jar to give away, or in her little princess purse to...

Cancer-fighting lemonade

Lots of kids put up lemonade stands to bring in a few dollars for summer fun; it's almost an American tradition. Instead of a trip to an amusement park, a new bike, or even a college education, however, a thirteen-year-old girl in Wisconsin brought i...

Sunkist continues popular free lemonade stands for charity program

There is nothing quite as warming to the heart as a child's genuine desire to help people who need it and Sunkist, Rubbermaid, and Domino/C&H sugar are trying to make charitable work easier for kids with their Take a Stand program. Beginning May...

Parents fund raise to pay for research for their kids

Comedian Chris Rock once did a bit on AIDS saying that it would never be cured because "there ain't no money in the cure. The money's in the medicine. That's how you get paid, on the comeback." For drug companies, there's not much financial incentive...

Teenager gives the gift of education

We all know that there are a lot of people in other countries that don't have access to the same comforts and resources that we have in the United States. We see it on TV and read about it in the papers and we think what a shame it is and maybe we ev...

Breast cancer awareness t-shirts banned at Kansas school

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and the shirt pictured here was designed to raise awareness with a sense of humor. Kelly Rooney, who died from breast cancer in 2006, came up with the idea and her family now sells the shirts online with 50% g...

The nightmares of fund raising

Every year a handful of kids knock on our door asking if we will buy everything from wrapping paper to magazine subscriptions. I always cringe when I see them coming, but I always buy something because I figure going door to door must be pretty hard ...


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