Do-it-yourself ring toss game

Here's a fun activity to keep the kids busy for the upcoming winter months. A couple of years ago, I put together a ring toss game for the company picnic and thought others might like to do the same. I took pictures as I built it and they are now Par...

Four square makes a comeback

I don't know if kids still play four square at recess. I know they did lo those many years ago when I was in elementary school. It seems, however, that it is making a comeback, not in the school yard but in corporate offices in Silicon Valley. Long k...


A week or so ago, we stopped by a garage sale after the kids' acrosports classes. I had spotted a fun board game before class and wanted to see if it was still there and not too expensive. While I already have the game, I wouldn't mind picking up a s...

Shakespeare in space

Whether 'tis nobler in the mind to suffer / The slings and arrows of outer space travel... Forbidden Planet is a classic in the world of science fiction. It has been said that the movie opened the door to the mainstreaming of science fiction, allowin...

Are you smarter than a fifth grader?

The Fox television network is preparing a new game show that will make every parent of a pre-teen quake in their boots, asking grown-up contestants to complete a quiz consisting of questions from elementary school textbooks. According to Peter Liguor...

One Billion Mazes

I'm not sure whether to write this sounding like Carl Sagan ("billy-yuns and billy-yuns") or Dr. Evil ("One Beeeeeel-yun Mazes"). Either way, the nitty-gritty is the same. One Billion Mazes is just that -- a collection of a whole lotta mazes. If you'...


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