My 17-Year-Old is Addicted to Video Games!

Dear AdviceMama, Our family is trapped in video game hell. My son is 17, and the gaming is out of control. It has ruined our relationship, turning him into someone I don't even know who uses language that I can't believe is coming from him. ...
I've long believed that we don't understand how addictive video games can be to some people.

Gaming and Your Kids

Kids love getting their game on. Credit: Getty Images Never before have kids spent so much time (and money) gaming. Some gaming encourages creativity in wonderful ways -- using music and art -- while other gaming can help deepen a chil...How do you know if video games are OK for your kids to play?

Online Playground Getting Bigger and More Popular

Parents who worry that their children are spending too much time in front of a screen now have about 200 more reasons to worry. That's the number of virtual online worlds for kids that are either active, in development or being planned, according to ...

Study Shows Grown-Ups Love Video Games

A new study by the Pew Internet and American Life Project shows that parents of young children are among the biggest gamers in the country. The study found that, along with teenagers, parents with little ones are more likely to be gamers than pare...

Boot camp for Internet-addicted kids

Kids in South Korea take Internet gaming very seriously. Earlier this year, when the makers of the game Starcraft announced an upgrade to the popular 9-year-old game, some 300,000 fans turned up in a Seoul stadium to hear the announcement and get the...

Cheaper Playstation 3 for Christmas?

OK, I'll say it: Christmas shopping. I know, Christmas comes earlier every year, and now here I am, talking about it before we've even hit Halloween. But be honest -- once Halloween is over, it seems like you blink and it's already Thanksgiving, and ...

Video games for girls: trite and stereotypical?

Every time I talk to a video game designer, they tell me that the single biggest revolution in gaming isn't the newest platform, or the latest online role-playing world, or whatever, but rather that girls are gamers -- just as much, if not more so, t...

Let your kid create their own level in Mario Bros

Remember the old Super Mario Bros game? You know, on Super Nintendo -- before anyone had ever heard of Wiis, XBoxes, Segas, and all the systems in between? That was actually my first video game, and I remember everyone in my house (including my paren...

Japanese arcade game breaks players' arms

I never hung out in arcades as a kid. They always seemed alluring, however -- like pool halls, late-night bowling alleys, and other cramped, dingy places designed to let people kill time compulsively. And I'm sure if I'd heard that there was a video ...

University offers scholarship -- for playing video games

There are plenty of scholarships available for kids who study hard, do their schoolwork, and get good grades, but what about the hard working slackers? You know, the ones who sleep during class so they can stay up all night playing video games? Don't...

Is that new-fangled video game machine worth the money?

I haven't owned a gaming system since Nintendo 64 (on which I can totally kick your butt on Mario Kart), and, fortunately, my daughter is too young to spend the entire fall begging me to buy her a $500 game console for Christmas. But, there's a lot o...


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