Grandma Invites Chicago Gang Members Inside for Serving of Hope

On the gritty, gang-filled streets of Chicago's Roseland neighborhood, a grandma has launched a one-woman campaign against drugs and violence by inviting troubled youth into her home where she serves up kindness, compassion and food.
They c...
Chicago grandmother opened her home to at-risk teens in dangerous neighborhood.

Moms, Dads of Gang Kids Ordered to Parenting Class

Parents of gang kids are forced to attend a class on the deadly consequences of gang crimes. Credit: AP
LOS ANGELES (AP) - It's a Saturday morning and a half-dozen adults are sitting in a high school classroom, staring at grim photos of sickly dr...
A new California law giving judges the option of sending parents for training when their kids are convicted of gang crimes for the first time.

Dad Forces Kid to Get Tattoo

Even if you are a big fan of body art, you would probably agree that tattoos are inappropriate for children. Unless you are Enrique Gonzalez, that is. The 26-year-old Fresno, California man thinks permanent ink on children is A-OK. No, he didn'...

Student Forced to Remove Gang Symbol From Hair

According to the FBI, a street gang is "a criminal enterprise having an organizational structure, acting as a continuing criminal conspiracy, which employs violence and any other criminal activity to sustain the enterprise." Like most organizations, ...

Gangs getting new members due to missing role models

In what shouldn't surprise anyone who has thought even the least bit about these sorts of issues, a lack of positive role models in their lives is leading to gang membership for many British kids, according to the Prince's Trust, an organization that...

Oregon school wants students to shave off their eyebrows

At least four students at an Oregon high school have fallen victim to a rather unfortunate fashion trend: vertical lines shaved into the eyebrows. This look was popularized by hip-hopper Soulja Boy, but police say gang members have adopted it for the...

Fighting gangs with classical music?

Like a lot of American cities, Tacoma, Washington has a problem with gangs. When the thugs aren't out doing their thug business, they tend to congregate in public places. In an effort to discourage this, city authorities are attempting to annoy them ...

13-year journey of 23 kids from Harlem

I've looked at the children in my daughter's class before and wondered where they'd be in the future. And, honestly, it is easy to look at them-- young children from (mostly) wealthy suburban families and figure they have the odds in their favor. Hav...


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