Getting Kids to Dig Gardening

Let kids help with planting. Credit: Getty Images
You don't have to hire a baby-sitter when you head out this spring to plant -- little ones can help your garden grow.
You're ready to dig into gardening as a family as soon as your c...
Spring gardening can be a fun family activity.

Play Garden Lets Toddlers Grow Their Own Adventures

No watering required. Credit: Glamma Toys
Mary, Mary quite contrary, how does your garden grow? With magnets, of course, in the Zolo Play Garden. Your tots can build a fanciful garden using their imaginations and the 11 magnetic crea...
Your tots can build a fanciful garden using their imaginations and the 11 magnetic creatures and plant pieces included in this activity set. The window box is magnetic, as well, so all the pieces stick and stack in lots of different configurations.

Your Own Victory Garden

When it comes to getting things to grow, my thumb's not the greenest one out there. Many plants have died under my oversight. But one summer it happened: I got the hang of gardening, and the zucchini multiplied like rabbits. Relishing my victory, I ...

Give your kid a green thumb

A few weeks ago, in a fit of optimism, I shoved some some bean and peas seeds into my autumn garden. There may be time for one more crop before the first frost, and with Hurricane Ike sending rain all the way up our way, it may be wet enough too. I...

Product Recall: Jo-Ann Fabrics Children's Watering Cans

This cute little Robbie Ducky™ Kids Watering Can was made in China and guess what the manufacturer used to color the beak? Lead paint, of course. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, in cooperation with Jo-Ann Stores Inc., of Hudson, Oh...


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