Researchers Take Aim at Energy and Sports Drinks

Energy and sports drinks often contain dangerously high levels of caffeine and herbal stimulants. Credit: Getty Images
Distilled water remains safe for your kids to drink. For now.
But it seems doctors, researchers and Mindy down at...
Distilled water about the only safe drink left for kids.

Teacher forces student to urinate in class

I have a special place in my heart for kids whose teachers won't let them leave class to go to the bathroom. In the 1st grade, I, too, suffered their fate, and peed all over my miniature chair. It was embarrassing. The teacher felt bad. And she shoul...

Gatorade erodes teeth faster than soda

Soda's been under fire quite a bit lately as the primary cause of the downfall of mankind. Or, you know, a reason for the obesity epidemic among children. With all the sugar and carbonation in soda it's been a given that it's bad for teeth. I was sur...


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