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Number of Gay Couples Adopting on the Rise

Actor Neil Patrick Harris and partner David Burtka adopted twins. Credit:Charles Eshelman, Getty Images
Today's modern family is looking a lot different than the "Leave it to Beaver" stereotype of days gone by.
More and more same-se...
Adoption rates have doubled among same-sex couples since 2000.

'Modern Family' and Me: The Men in the Mirror

Question: Where can I find the following family? Two gay dads -- one slender and uncomfortable offering public displays of affection, the other hefty and prone to flamboyant gestures. Add one adopted daughter of another race, the youngest memb...Watching "Modern Family" is like looking in a mirror.

Opinion: Bacon Should Have No Bearing on Becoming a Foster Parent

When it comes to foster parenting and adoption, agencies should focus on the applicants' ability to care for a child -- not their religion or sexual orientation. And certainly not whether or not they eat bacon. Baltimore's Tashima Crudup, a prac...

Perez Hilton Wants to be a Daddy

Perez Hilton arrives at the 2009 American Music Awards in Los Angeles last November. Credit: Jason Merritt, Getty Images
He came out of nowhere and conquered the blogging world with a take-no-prisoners approach to celebrity gossip on PerezHilton....

Florida Ban on Gay Adoptions Ruled Unconstitutional

For thirty years, gays and lesbians have been prohibited from adopting in Florida. Thanks to Miami-Dade Circuit Judge Cindy Lederman, however, that is no longer the case. The decision came about as a result of a suit filed by Frank Gill who, along wi...

Kentucky court nixes second-parent adoption

So say you're in love with someone. Totally and completely. And not just them, but their kids too. So you want to get married and legally adopt the kids. But there's a problem. Perhaps you're disabled and, if you marry, you'll lose your disability be...

Lesbian wants court to ban gay adoptions

How did Sara Wheeler go from starting a family with another woman to asking a judge to ban gay adoption? The gay community has called her "self-hating," but she says "It's about motherly rights." In 2000, Sara and her partner, Missy started a family ...

Writer says gay adoption does not support children's development

This is another one of those editorials written by a vice president from the Focus on the Family organization that pretty much lays to waste the idea of gay adoptive parents being good role models for their children. Bill Maier cites research that co...

An opposing view to gay people who choose to adopt

Although we have come a long way with regard to the acceptance of gay people into the mainstream of our society, there are still many people who are opposed to their way of life, especially when it comes to adoption. Witness this column by Bryan Fisc...

Scottish legislation allows unmarried and gay people to apply for adoption

Just came across this piece featured in the London Times discussing the concept of gay people adopting children. A bill was recently passed in Scotland that allows unmarried and single-sex couples to apply for adoption. There has been a great deal o...

Can gay marriage end abortion?

In a provocative post at Democracy Forum: Americana, Paramendra Bhagat feels that anti-abortion activists should -- by the very definition of their cause -- be for gay marriage. Bhagat feels that by allowing gay and lesbian couples to marry, we will ...

Indiana continues to allow adoptions by gay couples

Same sex partners in the State of Indiana will continue to have the freedom of adoption. The Indiana State Supreme Court let stand a ruling that allows unmarried couples, including those of the same sex, to adopt children. The court refused to hear a...


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