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Gay Marriage Raises Prospect of NY Adoption Boom

Jonathan Truong, right, his partner Ed Cowen, left, and their son Franklin Cowen Truong, 2, pose for a portrait at their home in the Brooklyn borough of New York. Credit: AP NEW YORK (AP) - First comes love, then comes marriage. Now ad...Adoption lawyers and agencies in New York say they're getting ready for a baby boom.

Teen's Impassioned Speech Supporting Gay Marriage in Iowa Goes Viral

Advocates for same-sex unions may have found a new spokesperson in Zach Wahls. The 19-year-old University of Iowa student delivered an eloquent speech supporting gay marriage to the Iowa House of Representatives on Jan. 31 that has quickly gon...The University of Iowa student raised by two moms says his family is really no different from other families.

Opinion: History and I Will Shake Off Carl Paladino's Anti-Gay Remarks

New York Republican gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino made anti-gay comments in a speech on Oct. 10. Credit: Don Heupel/AP
When I read about New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino criticizing gay people, I smile a little. Does ...
When I read about New York gubernatorial candidate Carl Paladino criticizing gay people, I smile a little. Does that make me a bad father?

Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont

Yolande Dumont with her grandson, Ethan. Dumont Family Photo.
Amazing Mom: Yolande Dumont Yolande's Family: Husband: Julien, married 54 years; Kids: Michelle Reese, 51, Ronald, 50, Rene, 47, Raymond, 43 Yolande Lives In: Lewiston, Maine Why Yolan...

California Parents Protest Harvey Milk Day

Credit: Max Whittaker, Getty Images
First introduced in 2008, Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the bill last week to create Harvey Milk Day in honor of the first openly gay person to be elected to a high office of a major American city. Accor...

Same Sex Marriage, Diaper Emergencies, and Messy Bedrooms - Links We Love

We all know the Internet is chock full of helpful advice. One dad even used it to learn how to deliver his own baby when his wife went into labor. Can you imagine his Google search? "Wife in labor ... halp!" -- CafeMom Iowa's Supreme Court upholds...

Arkansas Same-Sex Adoption Ban Takes Effect Jan. 1

An Arkansas law that bans unmarried couples from acting as foster parents or adopting goes into effect Jan. 1, and while it applies to cohabitating heterosexual couples as well, many claim the measure is intended to prohibit gay couples from taking i...

Rebecca Romijn, ovulation reminders, and healthy lunch ideas - Links we love

Doing some early Christmas shopping? Pick safer toys for your little ones with these tips. -- Alpha Mom Your ovaries called. They want you to know that you're ovulating. -- BabyCenter Rebecca Romijn opens up about husband Jerry O'Connell, ex-Jo...

Will schools expel children of gays and lesbians?

Proponents of California's proposition 8 have put out a lot of misinformation, focusing mainly on schools; they claim that unless proposition 8 passes, California public schools will have to start teaching kids that they can only marry someone of the...

Parents ask that their daughter be treated the same

We all, I'm sure, do our best to treat our children fairly and equally. It is, really, the right thing to do. We don't give one kid a pony for their birthday and the other a pair of socks, we don't take one on vacation and leave the other with the ba...

Kentucky court nixes second-parent adoption

So say you're in love with someone. Totally and completely. And not just them, but their kids too. So you want to get married and legally adopt the kids. But there's a problem. Perhaps you're disabled and, if you marry, you'll lose your disability be...

Uncle Bobby under fire again

Colorado librarian James LaRue has gotten another challenge to Uncle Bobby's Wedding, the book about a little girl guinea pig's concerns that her uncle won't play with her after he gets married. The idea is simple enough -- Young Chloe loves her uncl...

Move over, Tango, Uncle Bobby's here

For two years straight, And Tango Makes Three was the top most challenged library book, according to the American Library Association. This year, however, another book might just take that dubious honor away. Uncle Bobby's Wedding is a story of a you...

Families can be families in California

The California Supreme Court has just ruled that the state has no business checking what's in your pants before allowing you to get married. Yep, my beloved home state has decided that love, not sex, is what counts when making a long-term, if not lif...

Why was that a big deal?

I very much want my kids to be able to marry whoever they want when they grow up, subject only to my approval, not the state's. I care about things like whether or not they smoke (duh, it causes cancer, it will kill you, that's a no-no), how much met...


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