Rapper 50 Cent Gives His Two Cents on Bullying in New Book

50 Cent is trying his hand at rhyming, not for a song though, a children's book. Credit: Getty Images
Rapper 50 Cent has a simple solution for bullying.
"Give me a knife," he once rapped. "I'll get rid of your neighborhood bully." ...
Rapper coming out with a book for teens on bullying? Ooo, is there going to be a knife fight?

That's Smart: Kid-Friendly Glass

With these glass panels, doodling on the walls isn't discouraged -- it's required. Looking for a way to let your kids make their mark on your walls without, well, destroying your home in the process? Check out this brilliant new product from ...With these glass panels, doodling on the walls isn't discouraged -- it's required.

Sports Carry-All Stows Your Important Stuff

The Armpocket Sport i-20 keeps your gear in place. Credit: Armpocket
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym. The Armpocket Sport i-20 is an eco-friendly, hands-free carrying system that fits all those pesky essential...
Looks like you've got one less excuse to stay home from the gym.

Baby Travel Items: Tips for Easy Packing

Traveling with a baby doesn't have to be stressful. Credit: Getty
Just when you've almost mastered the art of packing a diaper bag, you find yourself needing to take a long-distance trip with baby in tow. Some essential items, while bulky, ju...

Coolest Travel Gear For Kids

Holiday travel is hard enough, but traveling for the holidays with your kids in tow is enough to make the most patient parent want to run away from home. Here's a rundown of ten great pieces of travel gear to help you keep your cool, whether you'...

College seeks to stop sales of Victoria's Secret gear

If you've ever seen television or been the recipient of junk mail, you are probably familiar with the lingerie chain Victoria's Secret. In addition to selling teddies and thongs, they sell apparel aimed at the college set. Their brand, Pink, ha...

The crises of the toddler booties

Nolan received a lot of very cool Christmas presents -- brand-new hockey equipment from his Dad, a magnetic colouring book from my Mom, training wheels for his motorbike from Unky Dave. Interspersed with the big, cool stuff were the normals: Lindt ba...

Kids toy store: "do not play with the toys!"

My Mom and I just got back from a chilly fall day at Lonsdale Quay. Nolan and I had to buy a birthday present for his little friend (thanks for all the suggestions) and we thought we'd have some fun too. The farmer's market is open Saturdays, selling...

Mama friendly lip color

I used to be a big lipstick lady -- I loved Mac and all its incantations of peachy pink. Pre-Nolan, I'm fairly certain I never left the house without lipstick, unless I was going for a run. Now, not so much. I do usually take the time to put on a lit...

Geeky goodness for back to school: Headset Vibrator Alarm

For college students, sleep is the enemy. Almost everyone winds up pulling a few all-nighters before important exams or when big papers are due, and -- even during the best of times -- it's not hard to drift off to dreamland while you're hunched over...

Digital drawing tool means no more crayon on the walls

Shockingly, we've never had a drawing on the wall incident in our house (at least, not yet). However, Edan's only 3, I fear for the times ahead -- when, even though she knows that marking crayon all over the house isn't allowed, that she'll get mad...

Are you ready for the iSing?

For Christmas we bought my daughter, Edan, a little karaoke player. I love watching her sing along to her favorite punk rock children's CD, fully amplified -- it's hysterical. However, I think I'd be far less excited if she was a teenager, belting...

Even 1-year-olds can use iPhone

I'm not normally someone who lusts after gadgets, but the new iPhone (dubbed the "Jesus Phone" by tech bloggers) looks amazing. The idea of being able to browse my favorite websites with my finger as I walk down the street is so enticing, that, if ...

Back to school awesomeness: Darth Vader backpack

If you're thinking of getting your son or daughter some lame old Eddie Bauer backpack or glitzy Trapper Keeper like all the other kids -- think again. Why would let your child carry something so bland when he or she could, in fact, be the coolest kid...

Star Wars stroller update

Remember last month when I wrote about the Star Wars stroller that was all the buzz around the Internets? At the time, nobody knew who'd made that truly impressive piece of baby gear, but -- thanks to the endless searching by The Official Star War...


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