Movies for geek kids (or kids of geeks)

Wired Magazine is offering up a list of ten films that will help you raise your kids as geeks. First on the list is Star Wars, one of the most significant space movies in history. What geek in the seventies didn't dream of being Luke Skywalker and sa...

Back to school awesomeness: Darth Vader backpack

If you're thinking of getting your son or daughter some lame old Eddie Bauer backpack or glitzy Trapper Keeper like all the other kids -- think again. Why would let your child carry something so bland when he or she could, in fact, be the coolest kid...

Star Wars stroller update

Remember last month when I wrote about the Star Wars stroller that was all the buzz around the Internets? At the time, nobody knew who'd made that truly impressive piece of baby gear, but -- thanks to the endless searching by The Official Star War...

Math geeks make coolest video ever

I was dangerously close to being a math nerd in high school -- only I got to Advanced Pre-Calculus and couldn't hack it, so I had to be a theatre nerd instead. But don't be fooled, just because you're a mathlete, it doesn't mean you can't be incr...

Why the world needs Superman

My friend Susan called me from Oklahoma today, and I told her, "I am working on a post. I am going to call it, 'Why Susan needs to take Henry to see Superman Returns." Well, I would call it that, but you might not know who Susan and Henry are. Briefl...


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