gender differences 

Girls Outperform Boys in Reading, Study Says

A book is a powerful tool in the classroom gender wars. Credit: Getty Images
The battle of the sexes isn't just for boardrooms anymore. Gender wars continue to play out in classrooms across the nation -- and girls appear to be winning when it c...

Career Poll: Boys Motivated by Money; Girls? Not So Much

High salaries, raises, promotions -- all sound like things that would motivate us to excel at our jobs, right? Only, it seems those things are more important to teenage boys than girls. A recent poll conducted by Junior Achievement and financial...

The White House - Are Boys Too Rowdy?

I'm a mom (who was once a girl) who is raising daughters (more girls), so I really don't know much about what it means to parent a boy. I do have nephews, however, and though they often have different interests than my girls, they don't seem like ent...

Toys and gender - Is it nature, nurture, or both?

Before I was a mom, there were a lot of things I was never going to do as a parent. I was never going to let my kids watch TV, I was only going to feed them homemade, organic food. I was never going to let them play with plastic toys adorned with lic...

Gender identification in kids

We're sitting next to a steamy window in the local coffee shop, my son about to unwrap a pumpkin loaf as I examine the lid of my coffee to ensure it doesn't slide off as I go to take my first sip. A woman in her forties squeezes in to the table next ...


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