News Flash: Women Are More Than Just Body Types and Sex Positions

After seven years of blogging about maternal mental health, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that I ended up on a media list. Some public relations person somewhere decided I would be a great person to contact with all news releases related to heal...What are the top health concerns of women? Will waistline be in the top five? Bust size? Skin tone? Waxed upper lips? NO!

Preschool in Sweden Does Away With 'Gender'

These kids are all "genderless friends" with one another. Credit: AP At a preschool in Sweden, there are no boys or girls. Only genderless "friends" Even the Swedish equivalent of pronouns such as "him," her," "he" and "she" have ...Even the Swedish equivalent of pronouns such as "him," her," "he" and "she" have been replaced.

Dress Blues: Gay Moms Learn a Lesson On Gender Norms

"You have got to support me on this one," Em* told me in no uncertain terms. "She has to wear the dress." Em doesn't put her foot down very often, so when she tells me something is important to her, I listen. Problem was, my other easy-going girl ...Sometimes a dress is not just a dress.

Black Boys Less Likely To Be Adopted, Study Shows

Adoptive parents prefer white or Hispanic girls over African-American boys, a new study reveals. Researchers at the Centre for Economic Policy Research found that the probability that a non-African-American child will attract an adoptive parent ...

20 Weeks Pregnant: What to Expect During Pregnancy

Are you having a boy or a girl? Now's the time to find out (if you want to find out!). Credit: GE Healthcare
Credit: GE...

Gender Disappointment: When Parents Don't Get The Child They Wanted

Expecting parents who hope for a specific gender -- and then get the opposite -- can go through real feelings of depression and shame. Credit: sallyrae17, Flickr
Parents wait with bated breath to learn the gender of their unborn baby -- and somet...

Gender-Bending Names: Readers Weigh In

In a recent column, the mother of a boy named Azure was dismayed to find that name listed under the girls' column in name dictionaries. The issue clearly struck a nerve. Readers flooded the Name Lady in-box with their own experiences in the gender-be...

Did I Give My Son A Girl's Name?

Our five-year-old-son is named Azure. It means blue in French and Azurite is the name of a mineral with several shades of blue in it. Have never met or seen the name used on anybody other than my son...however, on baby-naming sites, it's listed as a ...

New Study Finds Rich Moms Have Boys, Poor Moms Have Girls

Poverty may play a role in a baby's gender. Image: Richard Dunstan,
Ever feel like a baby's gender is just a matter of the universe flipping a giant coin? Think again: Various studies have found that gender might be dictated by environmen...

Parents Keep 2-Year-Old's Gender a Secret

Swedish couple avoid stereotypes by refusing to reveal their child's gender. Photo: Dominik Gwarek/
With little babies, it is sometimes hard to tell if the child is a boy or a girl. In the absence of gender-specific clothing or a peek in...

Parents Sue Makers of Baby Gender Predicting Kit

Parents are eager to know the gender of their unborn baby. Photo: doriana_s/ Gone are the days of yellow nurseries and gender-neutral onesies. Few of today's parents wait for birth to find out the gender of their baby, and some parents ...

Boys Do Better in English When Girls Aren't Around

It's almost report card time again. If you've got a boy who's struggling in English classes, you might want to find out who his classmates are. That's the news out of Bristol University, where a research student found that girls in a classroom can...

Choosing Your Baby's Gender - If You Could, Would You?

It took having two children for me to really respect the nature side of the nature vs. nurture debate. Back when I was childless, I was firmly in the nurture camp. But now I have these two girls; one is a shy athlete, creative, with her dad's impo...

Gene Linked to Dad's Ability to Father Sons, Daughters

Do men determine the sex of their babies? This question is a little more complicated than the old "XX, XY" scenario. We've long known that the father supplies the sex of the baby to be in his sperm by providing either an additional X or Y chromosome....

The White House - Are Boys Too Rowdy?

I'm a mom (who was once a girl) who is raising daughters (more girls), so I really don't know much about what it means to parent a boy. I do have nephews, however, and though they often have different interests than my girls, they don't seem like ent...


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