The Girl Who Doesn't Age

Does Brooke Greenberg hold the key to the fountain of youth? Image: Dez Pain/
By all appearances, Brooke Greenberg is an average baby. She giggles and coos when she's happy and enjoys rocking in her swing. She can also be quite stubborn and...

Rare Condition Gives Toddler Super Strength

At first glance, Liam Hoekstra looks like your typical toddler. At 3 years old and 30 pounds, he sports a mop of curly brown hair and a mischievous smile. But hand the boy a pair of dumbbells and it is immediately clear that there is something specia...

Are Sleep Terrors Genetic?

Are nightmares genetic? A recent study seems to point that way. Nightmares, also known as sleep terrors, affect people from childhood through adulthood. Those affected suffer from waking in a panic, normally screaming, confusion and disorientation. ...

Spanish baby engineered to save brother

(Click the photo to read more Amazing Rescue Stories) It had to be devastating -- to learn that their son had a deadly genetic disease destined to cut his life short after just a decade. But then science reared its helpful head and offered a soluti...

Does an obese pregnancy lead to an obese child?

Several studies in a recent New York Times article entitled "Honey, I Plumped the Kids" seem to be pointing in that direction. As we all know by now, human beings are getting bigger--and by bigger, I really mean fatter. In 2005 it was estimated ther...

Children with genetic defect feel no pain

6 children from Northern Pakistan apparently feel no pain. The children have had broken bones go unnoticed, and have suffered burns from scalding water and sitting on radiators. This unique condition is the result of a genetic defect that inhibits t...


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