Cursive Handwriting Getting Erased as Schools Teach Typing Over Script

Writing things out by hand? Don't make us LOL. Credit: Getty With the mass adoption of text messaging as a form of communication over the past 10 years, educators and linguists have lamented the butchering of the English language by th...Kids are learning to text and type as cursive becomes a thing of the past.

Georgia Lets Tweens Hunt Unsupervised

America is a country that likes its guns, and in many rural and suburban areas this is prime hunting season. Some are asking when -- and if -- it is permissible to take the kids with you when you don your camouflage and hang out in the duck blind. ...

Georgia bans 'pot candy' for minors

The term 'gateway drug' is used to describe certain lower classed drugs that some believe can lead users to harder, more dangerous drugs. Marijuana, alcohol and cigarettes are all considered by some to be gateway drugs. But lawmakers in Georgia belie...

Georgia to track students' BMI

A new law in Georgia requires schools to measure and track students' body-mass index in order to help combat widespread problems with obesity; more than one third of the students in the state are considered overweight. They're not the first; several ...

Duct taping kids -- okay in Georgia

Are your kids unruly? Do they have trouble following the rules? Do they talk too much? Well, if you're in Georgia, you've got an option you might not have thought of previously. Long known to be the handyman's cure-all for things that move and should...

A soccer team for refugee children

The game of soccer has caused quite a stir in one Georgia town; so much that the mayor decided that the game wasn't allowed in the town park. According to him, it was made for "football and baseball," but not soccer. Why? Much of it has to do with th...

Santa's Secrets

Ever wonder exactly how Santa Claus does it? How does he get those reindeer to leave the ground? How does he get his considerable girth down those tiny chimneys? Well, the Ledger-Enquirer out of Columbus, Georgia did the research to find out. They in...

Porn for moms is not so steamy after all

I remember back in the late 90s when the iconic television show of those years, Ally McBeal, was the one everyone rushed home for. Among my largely-unmarried group of friends, we empathized with Ally, and adored Billy right along with her. Despite ou...


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