Oh, for Crying Out Loud, Shower Before You Go Swimming, Will Ya?!

Not showering before swimming puts your children at risk of getting sick. Credit: Corbis
If your kid has diarrhea, he probably shouldn't take a dip in a public pool.
All together now: "Eeeeewwwww!" You would think that would be c...
Survey shows only a few parents realize the importance of showering before taking your germs out for a swim.

Band Instruments Provide a Jam Session for Germs, Study Finds

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Next time you pick up that instrument, think of all the other germs your picking up with it. Credit: AP Something truly hideous and disgusting is emanating from high school band instruments -- ...
Have you heard the germy band with the cough and the wheeze and the hack?

E.Coli Found on Half of Shopping Carts in 4-State Study

Do you wipe off your shopping cart handles? This study may cause you to invest in a sanitizer. Credit: Getty Let's say it together, now: Ick! Ew! Next time you head for the grocery store -- and before you plop your toddler into the sho...Study shows it pays to be a germophobe at the supermarket.

Girls' Cleaner Lifestyles Could Make Them Sick, Study Shows

Keeping girls squeaky clean could lead to health issues down the road. Credit: Getty
A little dirt never hurt. But try telling that to moms determined to keep their little girls squeaky clean.
In today's cleanliness-obsessed world w...
A little dirt never hurt. But try telling that to moms determined to keep their little girls squeaky clean.

Shopping Cart Cover Keeps Germs Away

They may look innocent, but shopping carts can harbor E. coli, salmonella and a host of other bacteria and viruses. Credit: Babe Ease
Researchers have found that the grocery cart your child rides in contains exponentially more bacteria than pub...
Researchers have found that the grocery cart your child rides in contains exponentially more bacteria than public restroom toilet seats.

Buy or Die

So have you seen those things called "Table Toppers"? They're cute, disposable placemats you can take with you when you're going out to a restaurant with your kid. Which makes sense if you're lunching at Lepers 'N Fries. Seriously -- if you a...

Don't Eat That: New Study Shoots Down the Five-Second Rule

Watch that sippy cup and clean those countertops: Researchers have officially debunked the five-second rule. San Diego State University professor Scott Kelley dropped baby carrots and sippy cups on different surfaces around several homes and te...

Tips for Keeping Your Sick Child Entertained at Home

The child is grumpy. Way beyond grumpy. Grumpy is a distant planet in another solar system past which she's shot in her misery-fuelled rocket ship. She refuses to eat supper. She's lethargic, moping, upset over nothing. Uh oh. She's fallen asleep o...

Are Kids Too Clean For Their Own Good?

Hey Mom, put down that Purell! Or at least, think twice and drive yourself crazy, because a new study from Northwestern University suggests that kids need early exposure to germs or they may be at risk for cardiovascular disease later on. H...

Octuplets, Cabin Fever, and Cool New Gadgets - Links we Love

Got cabin fever? Kids driving you crazy? Try teaching them to juggle or bring spring inside with an indoor terrarium. -- AlphaMom The division of labor in family life can feel more like tug-of-war than partnership. Here's how one couple finally le...

More New York Moms Choosing to Birth at Home

Wow. Here's a loaded topic! Want to have your baby at home? Home birth is a process that has been eschewed--well, OK, to use the word from a recent New York Times article on the subject, "condemned"--by the American College of Obstetricians and Gyne...

Should shopping carts be sanitized?

Just how dangerous are shopping carts to kids? It depends on who you ask. Shopping carts have become the next battleground in the war on germs. Grocery stores now offer antibacterial wipes and disposable covers for shopping cart handles, while parent...

Back-to-school without bringing home the germs

As I sit here, my head pounding, my nose stuffed up, my throat dry and sore, my legs aching and a cough that's keeping everyone awake at night, I think fondly of the days when I was single and without kids and never, ever got sick. Tales of Koalas an...

Playgroups may decrease risk of childhood leukemia

New research suggests that children who attend day care or are frequently exposed to other children through playgroups or playdates may be at a decreased risk of developing leukemia. According to this article from Yahoo, leukemia is thought to be cau...

It's a germy world out there

When my husband returned from his New York business trip last week, he was all aghast at the lack of hand washing he observed. I wouldn't call him a germaphobe (yet), but my husband is a stickler for keeping his hands clean. He was surprised and a li...


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