gestational surrogate 

Surrogate: An Answer to Infertility Problems

Surrogacy is a common solution to infertility Credit: Getty Images
A surrogate is a woman who agrees to become pregnant and deliver a child for another individual or couple. There are two different types of surrogacy: Traditional Surrogacy: ...

Ricky Martin is a dad to twin boys!

Ricky Martin made himself famous with his song Livin' La Vida Loca, which means "living the crazy life." Martin has traded in one kind of crazy life for another... that of a dad. Instead of singing pop songs in front of thousands, he'll be crooning l...

Dennis Quaid new daddy to twins!

Actor Dennis Quaid and wife Kimberly became the proud parents of a new son and daughter on Thursday. Baby Thomas Boone was 6 lb. 12 oz., and sister Zoe Grace was a bit tinier, weighing only at 5 lb. 9 oz. Quaid is known for his starring roles in ...


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