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Christmas Gift Card Miracle: Strangers Play Santa for Families Who Can't Afford Presents

A post on Jennifer Lawson's "The Bloggess" blog started a Christmas gift-giving chain. Credit: Jenny Lawson
Imagine having to tell your kids Santa won't be stopping at your house this Christmas. Or worrying you won't have enough ...
One woman's blog entry spurred hundreds to donate more than $20,000 to those in need.

When Relatives Give Your Child a Gift You Don't Allow, Things Can Get Awkward!

When my son was about 8 years old, one of his relatives gave him an Eminem CD. Having seen how intrigued my boy had been by the rapper's music when he had heard it at his house, Uncle X thought he'd found the perfect gift for his nephew. It was a v...If you're confident that your relatives have given your child something entirely inappropriate, you have to take a stand.

SmackDown: Should Parents Give Gifts to Adult Children?

Mother and daughter battle it out. Is their presence present enough? Illustration by Dori Hartley
Unwrapping Never Gets Old ... Even As I Do by Amanda Feinberg I love receiving gifts. Who doesn't? But when it comes to ...
It's the thought that counts. Maybe.

Two Ivy League Colleges Attempt to Shame Students Into Donating to Senior Class Funds

Who cares if you have student loans? Start donating! Credit: Getty Images
The typical "Walk of Shame" on college campuses involves coeds decked out in last night's clothes, reeking of alcohol and strutting home across campus after a one night sta...
Two Ivy League institutions have created a twist on the Walk of Shame, posting the names of students who haven't given their money away to their senior class fund. The goal: Embarrassing peers into philanthropy.

ParentPicks - Gifts for Everyone!

Before you know it, school will be out for winter break and you will have the kids all to yourself for a few weeks. Before they say "see ya next year" to their classrooms, make sure you've remembered to thank the special people in their lives with ...

The biggest gift of all

Ellie has recently shown an intense fascination with her own babyhood, so we spent a good chunk of this past weekend strolling down memory lane. We brought out the photo albums and videos and settled in to reminisce about days gone by. Many of the ph...

Gifts for everyone!

It is that time of year again - Halloween has passed, Thanksgiving is mere weeks away and Christmas is right around the corner. Before things get too hectic, now is a good time to start thinking about gifts for all those special people in your chil...

Birthday party etiquette: presents from guests who can't make it?

Everyone loves getting birthday presents. But the generally-accepted etiquette is that, if you and your child can't make it to a birthday party, you have no obligation to get a present. Right? Evidently, wrong. When a friend's son turned three, she i...


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