10 Ways to Add More Ginger to Your Family's Diet

Remember when you were a child and your stomach was tossing and turning? Your parents probably brought you a tasty liquid cure - old fashioned ginger ale. Ginger planted its root in Asian and has long been used as a stomach aid and in other medi...

Kick a Ginger Day Sparks Police Investigation

First there was the "Hit a Jew Day" and now, sadly, there is "Kick a Ginger Day". Based on a South Park episode wherein a character describes redheads as evil and soulless, the idea was launched as a facebook group by a fourteen-year-old Vancouver, B...

Spice Girls have a Take-Your-Kids-to-Work Day

Awww! Nearly all the offspring of the Spice Girls (Ginger's one-year-old daughter Bluebell was missing) appeared onstage their their mamas during the London concert performance of their song "Mama". Posh's kids were easy to pick out-they were the on...

Redheads going extinct?

Though you probably wouldn't know it by looking at me, there's a few redheads in my family tree. So it was possible that my child couldn've been born with red hair (and, to be honest, that's kind of what I was hoping for). But my daughter wasn't bo...


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