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Beyoncé sexing up children's clothing

Back in 2004, singer Beyoncé and her mother Tina started their own fashion line, House of Deréon. The look, dubbed "where the sidewalk and catwalk meet", is designed to embody sexy sophistication for the modern woman. Finding some succe...

What the well-dressed girl wishes she was wearing

Ellie considers herself to be quite the fashionista. She has been choosing her own clothes for several years now and insists on putting outfits together herself. I let her wear whatever is clean, regardless of color or pattern. Some days she gets it ...

Trend Alert: Pettiskirts are not just for dress-up anymore

When Dakota Fanning wore a skirt made from vintage petticoats to the Teen Choice Awards in 2003, it caught the eye of Molly Swindall, an 11-year-old girl from Atlanta. She loved it so much that she tracked down designer Kandi Lightner and convinced h...

Holiday fashions for girls

One of the things I enjoy most about the holidays is getting all dressed up and going out. Eating yummy food while sipping a glass of while and chatting with friends is my idea of a good time. While most of the holiday parties we get invited to are a...

The independent dresser

Like a lot of schools, Ellie's has a week where the children dress by theme. Like pajama day or school colors day. Monday was mismatched day, where the students were encouraged to deliberately dress in clothes that don't go together. Now, Ellie sees ...

Bratz fashions revisited

My recent post about Bratz dolls and their impact on the fashion choices of young girls started me wondering just where these girls are buying their trashy clothing. How hard does one have to look to find retailers offering outfits that make little g...


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