girls gone child 

A book reading and an accident

In the few years I've been writing at ParentDish, I've linked to Rebecca Woolf's blog on numerous occasions. Rebecca, otherwise known as the dynamic voice behind the blog Girl's Gone Child, has an indescribable talent for putting very complex topics ...

The loneliness of motherhood

I have often wondered why it is that I often feel lonely as a Mom, despite the fact that I am never alone. Despite the fact that I have an amazing network of friends and family, a son clambering around by my knees, kindred spirits just an email away....

Developmental milestones can be parental torture

Those little "normal development" charts at the Doctor's office can be a form of torture to the mildly neurotic, and I unabashedly include myself in that category. As a kid who was abnormally tall, (and still slouches horribly to this day), I am fami...


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