Amazing Kid: Shannon McNamara

Amazing Kid Shannon McNamara empowers girls in Africa through education. Credit: Megan McNamara
Amazing Kid: Shannon McNamara Age: 17 Grade: 12th Home Town: Basking Ridge, N.J. School: Ridge High School, Basking Ridge, New Jersey Favor...
Shannon McNamara empowers girls in Africa through education.

Teenage Girls Portray Themselves as Sexy and Crazy Online, Survey Finds

You may be shocked by your daughter's online image. Credit: Getty Images
The time your teenage daughter spends on social networking sites such as Facebook, MySpace or Twitter may be causing identity confusion, as her online persona probably por...
She may be all sweet and smart at home, but on Facebook, your teen wants to be known as sexy and funny.

Handy Device Lets You 'Go' Whenever or Wherever

When you gotta go, you gotta go. Credit: GoGirl
Let's face it ... the world is not a pee-friendly place if you're female. Enter the GoGirl female urination device, a clever little thing made from flexible, medical grade silicone that can be...
Let's face it ... the world is not a pee-friendly place if you're female.

Get Your Glam On With All Natural Makeup Sticks

Perfect for bunnies of all ages. Credit: Whoops Bunny
Pick up a set of Whoops Bunny All Natural Make-Up Sticks for your little one, and you may never have to hide your cosmetics case again. Made with all-natural, biodegradable ingredients --...

Girls' Sports Dolls are Positively Playful

Tennis, anyone? Credit: Dream Big Toy Company
ZOMG! No more trashy "teen" dolls with too-short skirts, high heels, cell phones and video screens embedded in their chests. Outfitted with a sports uniform, a backpack and sporty accessories, ea...

An A-Z Guide On How To Make New Friends

With a little effort, anyone can make new friends. Credit: jupiterimages
Is your child worried about making new friends over the summer? Fear not! We found this amazing list -- compiled by friendship experts Jane Balvanz and Bl...

Web Game Creator: Buying Condoms, Adopting Orphans is 'Stylish' Fun

The controversial new My Minx Web craze has outraged parents' groups. Credit: Tim Stewart News / Rex USA
An online game designed to let young girls create a character based on breast size, adopt orphans from developing countries, a la Angelina J...

Math Anxiety May be Passed from Female Teachers to Girls, Study Shows

Are teachers to blame for girls' math anxiety? Credit: nab_nabb2003, Flickr
The idea some girls have that they're not good at math may not have started in their heads, but in the heads of their female elementary school teachers. According to ...

Girls Beat Boys in Soap-Box Derby

I am girl-driver, hear me roar Don't tell 10-year-old Sarah Whitaker it's a man's world. Or Megan Thornton, or Maija Liimatainen or Megan Hydutsky. The young soap-box racers muscled their way past the boys to take four of six championships at th...

Little Girl Fashion, Bickering Kids, and More - Links We Love

Kids are dressing better than their parents. Photo:
Staying home and skipping that vacation to save money this summer? Here's a new clever name for your staycation (and some tips): Non Voyage! -- Lil Sugar Remember that summertime fa...

Barbie Girls in a Barbie World - At the Prom?

Teens are all dolled up for prom. Image: Mikael Buck,
Prom has always been about going over the top on the glam front, but two British girls have gone to new and unusual lengths: They had themselves delivered to their prom in life...

Parents Keep 2-Year-Old's Gender a Secret

Swedish couple avoid stereotypes by refusing to reveal their child's gender. Photo: Dominik Gwarek/
With little babies, it is sometimes hard to tell if the child is a boy or a girl. In the absence of gender-specific clothing or a peek in...

'Wife' School - Would You Send Your Daughter?

Make Over Camp for your little Betty Draper. Photo:
We have a handful of etiquette-related rules at our house, like these, for example:
No feet where you eat.
Say please and thank you. When someone gives you a gift, ...

Is 'Princess Parenting' Really a Problem?

Is your daughter on a princess pedestal? Image:
Almost from the moment they are born, little girls today are bombarded with princess paraphernalia. Crib sheets, bottles, bibs and blankets all come in pink girly-girl versions and often ...

Mom of Boys Learns How to Handle a Girl

Amy Wilson wanted snails and puppy dog tails. What she got was a princess. Photo courtesy of
When a receptionist accidentally let it slip that Amy Wilson's third child would be a girl, Wilson hung up on her. Not due to the shock of f...


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