Kid-Friendly Charities to Encourage Your Children to Give

When we started giving my 5-year-old daughter an allowance a few months back, we gave her three choices. She could take her five $1 bills and either put them into her piggy bank to save, a special jar to give away, or in her little princess purse to...

Will Economy Affect Kids' Christmas Lists?

When I was a kid, I knew next to nothing about money. My parents still laugh about the time when I put together my Christmas list for Santa and asked for a microwave for my mother and new socks for my father. In my eyes they were equal things, as the...

Support teachers in need by donating to DonorsChoose

As a parent, you are your child's first teacher. You teach them about love, compassion, and trust. You offer them experiences that open up their world. You help them learn to walk, model how to talk, and give them a strong base for their future lea...

Uncomfortable holiday getting

I know the holidays are about giving and not getting. I know that when you give a present, you shouldn't do it with the expectation that you're going to get something back. But honestly, tell me: do you not feel mildly frantic, frizzy, and wildly in...

Cheap and easy philanthropy

Sure, you'd like to help out -- help out somehow, somewhere -- but you're not rich and you don't know where to begin, right? Kevin Kelly's Cool Tools has a great way to help out one of the most important jobs we have -- educating the next generation....

The generosity of children

According to this article, American school children have raised and donated more money for Katrina relief than many major corporations. RandomKid, a non-profit, grassroots children's group has been tracking donations and announced that the total has ...

Thrift store rules: buy two, give one

I just returned from a fantastic trip to my favorite thrift store (yeah, the one where I usually score my Hanna Andersson goodies). Not only did I get some great Hanna jammies (for me and for the boys), but I also found a primo Cranky from Thomas the...


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