Kids Less Likely to Have 'Four Eyes,' Study Says

Shades are cool. Prescription eyeglasses? Not so much. Credit: Getty Images
Yes, folks, children with glasses do still get teased and called "Four Eyes." But now, it seems, specs may not have to be the only option to help kids see better at an ...
Specs appeal? Not really. More than half of optometrists say it's appropriate for children to start wearing soft contact lenses between the ages of 10 and 12.

Cheap sunglasses are worse than none at all

Most parents know that, in order to protect their kids' eyes, kids should wear sunglasses when they're out in the sun. Yes, even eyeballs can get sunburned. In fact, ultraviolet (UV) light can do much worse than just cause a corneal sunburn -- long t...

Playground report: Kids with glasses look smarter

When a child is prescribed glasses, the first thing every says is how much smarter they will look. And in spite of the fact that the key feature in Superman's disguise was a pair thick glasses and nerdy hair, a recent study found this little morale b...

Alfredo Haberli Kid's Dining Set

Okay, I admit it, I read Luxist in my spare time. There's a lot there I openly lust after. Sometimes, though, I think of my kids, as I read it. They immediately came to mind when I saw this cool looking set of dishes and flatware. I'm a big fan of ge...


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