Non-Toxic Paste from Italy Is Benissimo

Smells like an Italian bakery. Credit: See Jane Run
We're absolutely stuck on Coccoina's Almond Scented Paste for our school kids. Used in schools in Italy since the 1930s, this sweet-smelling adhesive is non-toxic, solvent-free and acid-f...

Heart-Shaped Valentine's Day Crafts

I'll admit it: Cabin Fever is not a Craft Queen. But every year our dining room table turns into a factory for mass Valentine production. The children bring home class lists, we clear crafting space and then set about making a Valentine for everyone ...

How not to skip school

There's no denying it, winter vacation is fun. If you're not overly fond of school, you might just want the Christmas break to continue indefinitely or, at least, until summer. Well, that's the way one boy felt down Mexico way. "I didn't want to go t...


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