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Kelly Rutherford on Being a Single Mom, Divorce and 'Gossip Girl'

Kelly Rutherford stars as a socialite mom on "Gossip Girl." Credit: Getty Images
Kelly Rutherford developed a following after joining the cast of "Melrose Place" in 1996, as Megan Lewis Mancini, a prostitute-turned-doctor's wife.
The single mom and "Gossip Girl" star says her kids come first.

Can You Inoculate Your Kids From a Raunchy Culture?

Last week, a friend told me that her teenage daughter walked out of the room when she saw "Jersey Shore" on the television. You heard right, some teenagers don't want to watch Snooki and her morally-depraved roommates. It was enough to make me, a mom...It's not too late to keep "Jersey Shore" characters from shaping your child's morals.

Taylor Momsen, You're 16 - Stop Selling Yourself Through Sex!

Taylor Momsen, the star of "Gossip Girl," is trying hard to make it as a rocker exploiting her sexy corset, garter and stocking-clad body for attention. And her role model is a 16 year-old drug addict. Someone stop the sexploitation! Here's th...

Mom Returns 'Gossip Girl' Library Books After Nearly 2 Years

Spotted: Four delinquent books finally returned. XOXO, Gossip Girl. Credit: Jacob Langston, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
The Florida-mom-turned-reading-renegade has finally returned four "Gossip Girl"-inspired books to her local library after nearly ...

Mom Turns Library Scofflaw to Prevent Kids from Reading 'Gossip Girl' Series

Tina Harden, a Florida mom, says the books on which the Gossip Girl and It Girl series are based are inappropriate for teens. Credit: Jacob Langston, Orlando Sentinel / MCT
Tina Harden's teenage daughter checked out four books from Seminole C...

ParentDish's Top 10 School Uniform Moments in Pop Culture

School uniforms get a boost from pop culture. Credit: Getty
Is the school uniform becoming the latest tween and teen fashion trend? You bet your plaid shirt and navy blazer. At least that's the word from French Toast, a supplier of school unif...

'Gossip Girl's' Taylor Momsen Doesn't Bleepin' Care About Being a Role Model

Taylor Momsen on January 14. Credit: X17online
As anyone follower of "Gossip Girl" knows, Jenny Humphrey has a wild side. The rebellious teen knows how to crash a society gala, run away from home and has even been known to engage in a little drug...

Leighton Meester

Leighton Meester attends an event in New York City on November 5, 2009. Credit: Amy Sussman, Getty Images
Famous for: Acting Birthdate: April 19, 1986 Leighton Meester may have been one of those "Hey, it's that girl" bit actors on various...

Taylor Momsen

Actress Taylor Momsen attends a premiere on October 12, 2009 in New York City. Credit: Mike Coppola, FilmMagic
Famous for: Acting, Rockin' Birthdate: July 26, 1993 In 2000 Taylor Momsen was cast as the adorable, innocent Cindy-Lou Who in the li...

Iowa Library Votes To Keep Sex Education Magazine On Display

Should this magazine be on display in a library? Credit: Sex, etc.
Iowa parents object to a sex education magazine being given prominent shelf space at their local library. The offending reading matter is Sex, Etc., a journal that deals w...

The Fastest Rising Baby Names of the Year

The new national baby name rankings were revealed on Friday, with Jacob remaining #1 for boys and Emma taking over the top spot for girls. But if you really want to know what's going on with American names, you have to look past the top 10 to the mov...

Will sexy TV lead to teen pregnancy?

Will watching television get you pregnant? According to an article from the Daily News, it may be the case. What sounds as implausible as the rumor that circulated when I was a kid that you could get pregnant from a toilet seat (remember THAT one?...

Is the world ready for a teen version of Sex and the City?

Author Candace Bushnell seems to think so. Just when the world may have thought it'd had enough of SATC after the recent move to the big screen, and just when Gossip Girl lost its minimal intrigue, sights have been set to unleash a teen version of t...

Parents Television Council upset over 90210 scene

When Beverly Hills 92010 hit television screens some fifteen-odd years ago, it may have been somewhat controversial, but ultimately it was about good kids finding themselves in tough situations--drinking, drug use, premarital sex. It was really just...

Leighton Meester born in prison

According to a new report, actress Leighton Meester was essentially born in prison. The Gossip Girl star's mother was allegedly in prison serving time in federal prison in Texas for drug-related charges when her now-famous daughter was born. Mom w...


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