Giving birth is "easy" according to Heidi Klum

On my list of "easy" things to do, I'd have cooking pasta, lifting boxes under 30lbs, and spelling my name. But birth? Childbirth? To be fair, I'll never face the even the prospect of labor nor delivery -- but, rumor has it, squeezing a child out of ...

New flash: Anna Nicole Smith is a mess. Again. And pregnant. Again.

"I might be pregnant again...Did that just come out?" Yes, Anna. It did. Meanwhile, a Los Angeles judge ordered that Smith submit her daughter for a paternity test. Larry Birkhead, her ex-boyfriend is still insisting that he's the father -- not Howa...

Madonna is not adopting after all

Here's a case where a rumor gets out of control. The Australian couple Madonna was supposedly fighting with for the right to adopt an 18 month-old girl from Malawi has issued a statement saying, in short, that the singer is not involved in the adopti...

Cruise leaves Suri with sitter, drops 10K on food

While one head-turning celebrity couple calls it quits, another shares a romantic dinner to the tune of $10,000. TomKat, who -- according to In Touch Weekly -- are experiencing "pre-wedding jitters", dropped the fat wad of cash at Mastro's Steakhouse...

What's up with Mel Gibson?

One of the few celebrities to stumble into the caddy gossip trap is Mel Gibson. Sure he made that controversial movie about Jesus and his secret thing with Mary Magdalene. Yes, it ruffled quite a few feathers, though I wouldn't know because if it isn...

Katie Holmes baby watch: Still massively pregnant

Here's a photo of Katie from Perez Hilton. Wow.  She is huge.  I mean, I've been pregnant twice, and, still, that looks weird to me. (No wondering people were looking at me funny when I was out shopping for sheets the night Wallie was born...

Tom Cruise reveals he was abused as a child

In a recent interview with Parade magazine, Tom Cruise admits that his father was "a bully and a coward," People.com reports. Cruise says that his father was, "the person where, if something goes wrong, they kick you. ... It was a great lesson in my ...


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